The Chabo Liefhebbers Club (C.L.C.), the Japanese Bantam Breeders Association in the Netherlands, is a Dutch special-club aiming to promote and to maintain the Chabo or Japanese Bantam, an old bantam variety and a pure breed of fowl.

A Dutch special-club is an association for serving the interests of a specific poultry variety and its breeders.

The Chabo Liefhebbers Club has been founded on  January 19th 1964.


The association has at present around 220 members which, for that matter, are not all Dutchmen.  There are also members from Belgium, Germany, Spain, Curacao, South Africa and Japan. 



The C.L.C. always organises once a year a club day, also the statutory annual meeting, on the first Saturday of June. The members of the  C.L.C. receive annually four volumes of the  'Chabo-News', a club magazine with interesting information.  The members receive also annually a list of members that presents the names, the addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of the breeders and the assayers or standards-inspectors who are a member of the C.L.C. To each member is listed what colour(s) and Chabo variety or varieties he or she breeds.


The annual contribution to the Chabo Liefhebbers Club is at present 10.00.


Information on the Chabo Liefhebbers Club can be acquired by contacting the Secretary:

      R. B., phone: +31 0-552275.
      Meerweinig 13, 1234 AB  R. 
      the Netherlands
       email: Mr. R. B.  [secretaris@chapansky.nl]

At several shows in the Netherlands and Belgium the C.L.C. issues prices for the Chabo's. However, the main event is the annual Club Show in which the best Chabo of the show becomes the Club Champion.  This Club Show is held every year again and again during one of the large poultry  shows in the Netherlands. This way all the members will have the opportunity to present their animals.  These shows selected for the C.L.C. Club Show are:

the 'Noordshow' in Zuidlaren, the 'Oneto' in Enschede and the 'KleindierenExpo' in Utrecht.


De C.L.C. has a regular contact with the Commission of Standards of the Nederlandse Bond van Hoender-, Dwerghoender-, Sier- en Watervogelhouders (NHDB), the Dutch Association of Owners of Chickens, Bantams, Waterfowl and other Birds .



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