May, 2008
The next CLC club day will be held on June 14th 2008 in Amersfoort.  The annual meeting of the club will be held in the morning and will be followed by our traditional luncheon together. In the afternoon the well known expert Aad Rijs will give a talk on chicken and their future in our society. Of course you may raise any question you like on the subject.
This will be also a fine opportunity to meet the new board that is loaded with lots of plans, but most certainly would like to talk about your ideas.
So, keep Saturday 14 June free for this event. We all will be very glad to see you there. Please, announce us your coming to keep the organisation of the event in good order.
See you June 14th
Ruurd, secretary ClC
February, 2008
The C.L.C. has a new Board

The Chabo Liefhebbers Club has chosen a new Board in a special members meeting on February 9th 2008.

The new Board is formed by:
Dick Oskam, (interim) chairman
Ruurd Bosma, secretary
Henk van der Wilk, treasurer
Adrie Vermeulen, member
Rene Vermorken, member

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