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Tod O' Dot Productions

  All simulacra have been newly produced and are not taken them- selves as such from any publication either on the web or in any printed matter unless mentioned explicitly so, and therefore all their copyrights belong to the producer. 

  The illustrations of this web site may be acquired freely and be reused with the kind request of mentioning their origin and the name of their producer.


juni-juli 2005


Information about the Chabo Liefhebbers Club can be acquired from:

Rieta Blankvoort, secretaris ad interim,
      Boomcateweg 106, 7442 BL  Nijverdal
      Tel.: 0548-614662.
      e-mail: Secretaris CLC a.i. []
                  (Mrs./Mw. Rieta Blankvoort). 
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  The Chabo Liefhebbers Club and  the designer and producer of this web site are not responsible for any consequences that may occur from or by this web site or for the information that is published on this site, neither for any advertisements and their contents that have been published on this site, unless specified so explicitly.

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