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Traditional telex networks are based on dedicated circuits from one subscriber terminal to other. In most cases, a physical circuit is required for each connection, and this circuit remains dedicated until the call is completed and disconnected. Although multiplexors of varying sorts have been used over the years, the worldwide telex structure requires this dedicated circuitry, resulting in tremendous investment and operational maintenance costs, as well as a high cost for terminal equipment.
This technology has remained in place for one reason - there is no system available, which can satisfy the legal recognition that telex offers to its customers.



   While many international carriers have achieved significant cost reductions by sending their internal traffic over data networks, the overwhelming majority of telex traffic is still carried the old fashioned way - with +/- 65 volts on a pair of dedicated lines.



   The Datek Telecommunications
DK-TLX product line offers to telecom







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service providers the opportunity to up-grade their telex services performing telex communications, adaptation, concentration and transport over data networks. Data and telex managed traffic is supported simultaneously over the same network, using IP protocol. The new telex and data network is full compatible with both legacy telex terminals and modern PC based terminals, preserving long time tested operatorís procedures.

   DK-TLX has time synchronization at network level (NTP), is fault tolerant and assures high security levels using PKI technologies.
Distributed multi-processing system and the compatibility of new components with the legacy infrastructure allow smooth network deployment, maintaining overall network availability.
DK-TLX System components

Telex & Data Multiplexor main processing equipment interfacing telex signals with data network using TCP/IP protocol. 

 DK-TLX-SW   -

Telegraphic server performs telegraphic switching, inter servers communication and network management.


Unified text messaging system modern communication system, server type, intended to unify several telecommunication networks and able to send secure documents. 


Network management system web based application dedicated for system control, monitoring, accounting.


Network Terminal Unit intelligent interface -allows integrated access to Telex & Data Network (telex access, inter connectivity between sites, direct from server applications).


Telex gateway Intelligent interface for PC based telex terminals.


Telex multigateway Intelligent interface for PC based telex terminals.

 DK-TLX-4CH   -

Telex line interface contains 4 independent current loop telex interfaces.

 DK-TLX-4VM  -

Data modem interface, vocal band contains 4 vocal band, asynchronous, modem interfaces.

 DK-TLX-4DL   -

Data modem base band DSL contains 4 base band, asynchronous, modem interfaces.

Router iDSL.
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