1. Every breath you take. 3:39
    2. Breathless. 3:28
    3. Smooth operator. 4:32
    4. Beautiful day. 4:20
    5. Love her madly. 2:58
    6. Riders on the storm. 4:36
    7. All along the watchtower. 4:00
    8. Key to the highway. 4:14
    9. See you. 2:34
  10. Hero. 4:15
  11. Concerto d'Aranjuez 4:42
  12. Southern man. 5:28
  13. Rhiannon. 3:34
  14. Eye in the sky. 6:22
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  Produced in the Netherlands in 2000 - 2003,
  officially released in 2004.
  2004  Zeuxis kai Parrasios.
  Some tracks of 'Thursday Things':
listen to this track: Raiders in the Storm   " Riders on the storm "
listen to this track: Along The Watchtower   " Along the watchtower "
listen to this track: Eye in the Sky   " Every breath you take "
listen to this track: Every Breath You Take   " Eye in the sky "
  Former released album by this artist:
  "Chopin - Music by Guitars"
  And just released:
  "Monday Mirror"
  Former track sample prerelease of that CD:
download or listen to this entire track in MP3 format for free  "Ain't no sunshine when she's gone'
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Some further 'Thursday Things' info
This is a music CD with a compilation of popular songs of some time ago and a
few of recent or relatively more recent times. All are instrumentalised with the
acoustic guitar in the main role, whether or not accompanied by some electric
guitars as a shadow or at a second voice level.
The earliest tracks ('Riders on the storm' and 'All along the watchtower') were
produced in the summer of the year 2000. The last track was produced in May
2003. In the mean time some songs have been re-rearranged, also to show some
new opinions in composition and some other own ideas with regard to the
performance of especially the rhythm sections.
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