Once upon a first day in spring the result
  of a forbidden love affair came to birth.
  A bitch called "Poppy", a Tibetan Terrier,
  had been in heat that previous winter and
  therefore she was confined to a bedroom.
  But her mate, the brave dog "Carl-John"
  was undaunted (a type of name, for that
  matter, that was too popular by the
  parents of the kids in the neighborhood
  those days and so once this dog was
  saved from desolation it was decided that
  exactly such a name is excellent and
  appropriate for this common street dog).
  He entered another bedroom at the same
  side of the house, climbed through its
  open  window and balanced his way on the
  roof gutter right to the open window of
  the bedroom where dear lovely "Poppy"
  waited for him with a poundering heart.
  And so a two  months later a litter has
  been laid in a little cabinet under the sink
  of five soft grunting pups trusting a nipple
  for food and fate.
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