Having been a member of the British Society of Aesthetics for some time at least some attention should be given here to the existence of the British Journal of Aesthetics that is published by this Society. See further for the contents and abstracts of the latest issue the journal's World Wide Web site at

Nowadays my role in the field of aesthetics is not as very active as I had hoped for to become so a few years ago. Practical aesthetical activities, mainly also in combination of activities in practical Informatics (and Bio-Informatics) are consuming a lot of time and attention. So too little time is left to complete some studies of neo-Kantian aesthetics I still do so but only very occasionally.

This all nevertheless also within the long term scope of finishing some time at old age than the scripts on "Aesthetics as a Science".


  Meanwhile you might enjoy the pamphlet on "Urbanisation - An Essayistic sketch on human formalization" that was published in the UK.    (See also 'Start page' > 'Portfolio' > 'Literature' > page 2 ). 


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