Unfortunately the original document was lost in a fire. A pity
 indeed. Most certainly I would have liked to see the seals. But it
 seems that perhaps there is still a possibility to see such on a letter
 from 1252 in which the same knight is mentioned together with his
 brother Johan ten Thij.
 However, the same fate happened to a following document from
 1263 in which the village Goor in the Netherlands was granted
 city-rights. Among the lords of the castle mentioned were the
 brothers Jacob and Niclaes ten Thij.
 Still existing, but unfortunately without the seal, is the document
 that is presented in the background here in a washed fashion.
 It here below there is a link to a copy of it. This letter dates from
 July 16th (the birthday of my grandfather, for that matter) of the 
 year 1278.
 In this document it is stated that Jacobus ten Thij, lord of the
 castle of Goar (Goor, Netherlands), declares that he has bought
 from the abbey, deanery and convent of Methelen (Metelen in
 Germany) the House of Otbertinc in Manhere (Mander, the
 Netherlands), but that in this purchase the guardianship of the
 farm is not included; further he promises that, if the controversies
 between him and the count of Thekeneborg (Tecklenburg in
 Germany) will end up in a war, he will spare the goods and the 
 men of the cloister.
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